About us...

Juelsminde a fantastic city in the summer, fall, winter and spring. Juelsminde has everything you can imagine - and then it is a little more fun than usual. The city is suitable for all family sizes. On the waterfront there's always stuff to do and it is always ready just for you and your family.
The apartments are cared for and looked after, so they look great for when you come to visit.

You are welcome to contact us for questions or Enquiries on booking

Private Rental TEL: +45 28 49 03 31 udlejning@Casablanca-juelsminde.dk

Bo Bedst Juelsgade 3 7130 Juelsminde

Casablanca Kystvej 5 7130 Juelsminde

Cottage Pøt Strandby 379 7130 Juelsminde