About Casablanca



Apartments with private path directly to the beach 50m. Quiet settings with short distance to downtown, harbor and beach. Casablanca is located in a truly attractive area with short distance to a 18 hole golf course and coastal path that appeals to walking tours in the beautiful countryside. Juelsminde Peninsula is a popular cycling area also has undulating mountain routes. Casablanca is not suitable for families with small children or physically disablility. Casablance contains the following rentals:

Large apartment with covered balcony and a view of the ocean (2)
Apartment downstairs with terrace overlooking the street (no. 1)
Apartment with covered balconies and panoramic views of the ocean (no. 3)

How to get there:

Private Rental TEL: +45 28 49 03 31 udlejning@Casablanca-juelsminde.dk

Bo Bedst Juelsgade 3 7130 Juelsminde

Casablanca Kystvej 5 7130 Juelsminde

Cottage Pøt Strandby 379 7130 Juelsminde